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Sheena, the Wonder Horse! Sheena

Bringing the art of horsemanship to the 21st century!

Imagine being able to ride your horse in any weather, for hours on end.  Imagine being able to work on transitions or movements, without causing stress or anguish to your horse.  Imagine being able to exactly know your strengths and weaknesses as you improve your riding skills.  Think this is unattainable or unimaginable?  Think again!!

Introducing Sheena, a fully interactive Dressage Simulator.  Don't let the name fool you.  Sheena is programmed through 4th level Dressage, but can be ridden  English or Western.  She has bit sensors, head, neck, seat and leg sensors and can show you in real time, how you are riding.  She comes complete with two practice arenas, Dressage tests, trail ride, and a 1 minute and 2 minute riding test.

We now have the newest computer which comes with 4000 acres of riding, in addition to the dressage patterns and arena work.  It includes riding at the beach, and in the ocean, riding at the zoo, over the plains, through a farm, at the zoo and through an obstacle course. 

Sheena is one of 6 simulators used for lessons in North America but the only one in the Pacific NW and specifically Washington state.  The transition for a beginning rider to a real horse is straight across.  The only difference is the actual forward movement. 

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Grace on Sheena

Riding in Real Time

Working Choices

Opening Screen

Practice Screen

Working screen for gait transitions and movement practice

Riding Test

2 minute Riding test showing all of the sensors used to gauge rider's seat and hands

Arena and Riding Trail

Screen to riding arena and trail


4 year old rider on trail, riding independently


5 year old rider learning proper riding skills


Adult rider working on balance, proper seat and hands


Adult rider with MS riding a horse for the first time