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It is with much sadness,that due to circumstances beyond our control we will no longer be hosting Life On a Horse Ranch. We will be still be able to offer a modified program so girls can earn their horse badge. Contact us by phone or email for further details. We would like to thank all of our many participants who attended over the years.

Ray and Kathy 

Life On A Horse Ranch

Come visit a working horse ranch!

Learn all about what it takes to own a horse, from leading to grooming to tacking to riding to stall cleaning inside our fully enclosed indoor covered arena.  Bad weather does not stop us!

After a brief discussion of the safety rules, take a tour of our horse barns. Meet and greet our horses.  Learn about breeds and colors and the difference between breed and color registries.

Learn how to safely approach and walk around a horse, followed by doing it yourself.  Touch and handle the horse again during horse anatomy.

Learn how to lead and groom a horse.  We break up into three groups so each participant has the opportunity to lead two different horses twice around a set of poles. Everyone will also learn how to properly use a curry comb and body brush as they groom and assist in tacking our horses in preparation for riding on their back, and riding in the cart.

Then each group will take turns riding a horse, driving in a cart, and cleaning 3 stalls, runs and the aisles in front of those stalls. The groups will rotate, until everyone has had the opportunity to participate in each of the three activities.

We take a group pictures at the end of the day to put on our website, Girl Scouts of Western Washington, and Rusty Bar Ranch Facebook pages.

Cost: $40 per participant

Non-participating individuals:  Free

25% deposit required to reserve date.

All paid participants receive a certificate of participation along with a packet of information outlining their day.

Our horses love to have their pictures taken. Cameras and video recorders are welcome.

Minimum number of participants - 14
Maximum number - 21 although we can add a few extras so no one is left out.  If your group isn't quite large enough we can add you to another group to meet numbers.

Barn tour
Barn Tour

Meeting the horses Meeting Bones

Approaching and walking around a horse Walking around Ally

 Parts of the saddle
Parts of a Western saddle

Horse Grooming Grooming Ally

Grooming PearlGrooming Pearl

Stall Cleaning
Stall cleaning

Horseback Riding

Pearl with cart
Cart ride with Pearl

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