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Private lessons are available to students of all ages, from beginner to advanced; English or Western.  Private means the horse, rider, and instructor alone in the arena, so there are no distractions or interruptions from other horses or riders. 

Kathy is a Certified Horsemanship Association instructor, and has earned her certification in both English and Western disciplines.  Her facility is one of three in WA state approved and endorsed by Time To Ride

**Why take lessons from a certified riding instructor? 
**Would you trust your education to a non-certified teacher?

CHA has a rigorous 40 hour course. 

Each instructor must also complete 30 hours of continuing education to maintain their instructor status. 

Lessons are available on one of our well mannered, gentle, safe horses.  We have horses ranging in ability from the beginner to the advanced rider.  Many of them have been family members for several years.  All of them are ridden regularly to keep them fresh and happy.  They are much more than boring, lesson hacks!

Fun and safety is stressed at each lesson.  Lessons are geared to each individual student.  We have a heated, insulated viewing multi-purpose room large enough for teaching, and to protect observers from the elements.  Students can also go through the Certified Horsemanship Association program, at no extra lesson charge, and earn a certificate as they complete each level.  The level books are $15 each.  Our lessons are much more than circles around an arena.  Lessons will challenge you as your skills improve.

Do you have your own horse?

Lessons can be with your horse too.  We can do everything from ground work, to de-sensitizing, from trail work, to agility, to gaming.  Let me know how I can help make you a better, more confident rider.

We have now built a permanent obstacle course, complete with a bridge, see saw and water hazard.  Come learn how to ride your horse safely in a controlled environment. 

Ellie and Annie
Kaitlyn and Annie
Eric and Najah
Jess and Annie
Cameron and Tiffani
Grandma Sharon and Annie

Erik and Parker Sharon on Gypsy
Kaitlyn earning Level 1 certificate Gaby and Tosca
Kaetlyn and Tosca Leah and Tosca